Q-Dance Presents Hardcore Top 40 September 2014

TitleQ-Dance Presents Hardcore Top 40 September 2014
StreamQ-Dance Radio
Broadcast03 October 2014
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01. Neophyte Records All Stars Door Het Dak!
02. Advanced Dealer feat. MC Axys Showtime
03. Art Of Fighters, Synthax & Xcite Creatures Of The Night
04. Neophyte vs. Lenny Dee The Future Priests Of Now (System Shock Remix)
05. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria What Really Matters
06. N-Vitral & Igneon System Jump The F@#* Up
07. Evil Activities Live Ammunition
08. Masters Of Ceremony Rocking With The Best (Prankster & Synthax Remix)
09. Anime Cowards
10. N-Vitral & Triax The Reaper
11. Advanced Dealer War God
12. Dyprax & Bodyshock Ominous
13. Ophidian & Hamunaptra Beyond Dusk And Dawn
14. Hard Creation Creators Of The Core (Nevaro Remix)
15. Dyprax Betrayed
16. N-Vader A New Era
17. Miss K8 feat. MC Nolz Metropolis Of Massacre
18. Art Of Fighters & Alien T My Drug: The Competition
19. N-Vitral & Deathmachine Time To Meet The Devil
20. Mad Dog Rewind (Andy The Core Remix)
21. Art Of Fighters Goodbye (See You Next Time)
22. Tommyknocker & Unexist Ghost Rider
23. The Melodyst Reject
24. Bodyshock Bitch!
25. Nevaro Insanity
26. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria Universal Threat (Sei2ure Remix)
27. Detest feat. Thrasher Now You've Got Something To Die For
28. Switch Technique Wave
29. Tommyknocker feat. Ian K Today Is The Day
30. Dazzler & Personal Rival Find Myself
31. Korn Coming Undone (Endymion Rework)
32. Toneshifterz Wild Wild Weekend (Kasparov Remix)
33. Dione Locked & Loaded
34. Hellsystem feat. Mc Axys Disillusion
35. Art of Fighters Keep on rocking
36. Advanced Dealer feat. Jessica Pearson We Are The Freaks
37. N-Vader Discipline
38. Tommyknocker & Armageddon Project Thy Kingdom Fall
39. Lowroller Savage Station
40. Sei2ure Informer