Q-Dance Presents Hardcore Top 40 March 2015

TitleQ-Dance Presents Hardcore Top 40 March 2015
StreamQ-Dance Radio
Broadcast03 April 2015
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01. Amnesys feat. MC Axys Shockwave
02. The Viper & Nosferatu Kingdom Come
03. Wasted Mind Paradise
04. The Outside Agency Prepare To Die
05. Andy The Core Brutal Method
06. Kasparov Infected By Madness (Amnesys Remix)
07. Art Of Fighters & Meccano Twins Hear Me Coming
08. Destructive Tendencies vs. F.Noize Ameno
09. DJIPE Beatdown
10. Partyraiser & Scrape Face Enjoy The Noise
11. The Dj Producer The Last Great Overdose (Ophidian Revision)
12. Triax Out Of Line
13. Quitara Destiny
14. Destructive Tendencies vs. Andy The Core Drugs & Alcohol Abuse
15. The Dj Producer Last Man Standing (The Outside Agency Revision)
16. Dazzler & Personal Rival feat. Scorcher Stupidity
17. DJIPE Exile Or Death
18. OMI feat. Broken Minds Wake Up
19. Noize Suppressor & Rob Gee NoizeGee
20. The Empire Iron Throne
21. Art Of Fighters Words Of War
22. Furyan Bombshell
23. The Wishmaster Never Say Never
24. Tommyknocker feat. MC Jeff Sinner
25. Triax Reclamation
26. Wasted Mind Triumphant
27. Negative A & Lowroller Possession
28. Kyuzo & The Empire Valhalla
29. The Dj Producer Centrifuge (N-Vitral Centifrack Revision)
30. Andy The Core feat. MC A.D.K. The Last One (Don't Fuck With Andy The Core)
31. Kasparov Infected By Madness (Broken Minds Remix)
32. Furyan & Tieum Clutch
33. The Viper Heat Blaster
34. Sei2ure Peer Pressure
35. The Wishmaster Party Your Ass Off
36. Crossfiyah Forgiveness
37. Kyuzo & The Empire Our Potential
38. OMI The Future Life
39. Re-Style Vicious
40. Dazzler & Personal Rival The Revolution