Q-Dance Presents Hardcore Top 40 July 2015

TitleQ-Dance Presents Hardcore Top 40 July 2015
StreamQ-Dance Radio
Broadcast07 August 2015 (Broadcast starts at 17:00 CET @Q-Dance Radio.)
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01. Tha Playah & Nosferatu Riders Of Retaliation
02. Ophidian feat. EJ Grob & William F. DeVault Nightfall Angel (Extended VIP)
03. Promo Phreak Ya Speaka (N-Vitral Re-Phreak)
04. D-Passion Evolution
05. Promo & Ophidian Unacceptable
06. Partyraiser & Scrape Face You're No Competition
07. Meccano Twins Divine Energy
08. N-Vitral & Sei2ure Noise Pumper
09. The Viper & Neophyte First Aid
10. Tieum One More
11. Meccano Twins The Man Sacrifice
12. Counterfeit & Negative A Self Acclaimed Criminals (Angerfist Remix)
13. Icha Killing Time
14. Pandorum Conspiracy
15. Promo Eradicate (DJIPE Remix)
16. Korsakoff & DaY-mar feat. Erik Lindeman Hurt
17. Tha Playah, Neophyte & The Viper Rebel Dizz
18. Igneon System Crisis Situation (N-Vitral Remix)
19. Icha feat. Alee Beast
20. Nosferatu Not Giving A Shit
21. Promo Analog Guy
22. Nosferatu Assassinator Style
23. Art Of Fighters Guardians Of Unlost
24. D-Passion Resurrection
25. The Sickest Squad vs. Tieum feat. Kraken Swingbeat (VIP Sickcore Remix)
26. Pandorum No Choice
27. Promo feat. Free-k Fading Away
28. Triax & Predator The Enemy List
29. Counterfeit I In Modular
30. Joey Riot vs. The Rhino So You Wanna Be Hardcore
31. Partyraiser & F. Noize La Bomba (System Overload Remix)
32. Re-Style feat. MC Tha Watcher Forge Your Freedom
33. Promo Airwalker (OMI Remix)
34. Nosferatu & Art Of Fighters Devil's Mind
35. Amnesys Embrace The Ultimate
36. Neox Insanity
37. Broken Minds Apocalyptic
38. Triax Relinquish All Control
39. Javi Boss Rock Parties
40. Crossfiyah feat. MC Tha Watcher The End