Q-Dance Presents Hardcore Top 40 April 2014

TitleQ-Dance Presents Hardcore Top 40 April 2014
StreamQ-Dance Radio
Broadcast02 May 2014
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01. Tha Playah feat. MC Tha Watcher Eternal
02. Endymion feat. Remy Rond Violent Episode
03. Mad Dog Rewind
04. Wasted Mind Here We Go
05. Synthax Never Gonna Change
06. Endymion & Art Of Fighters God Is A Gangster
07. The Viper Control The ReFix
08. Promo Eternally Dark
09. Evil Activities Dead Man Walking
10. Kid Morbid Hunt U Down
11. Tommyknocker Before You Go
12. Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff The Future
13. Amnesys & Tommyknocker feat. Jessica Pearson Eliminate
14. Endymion Let The Bass Fuck Up This Place
15. N-Vitral Such Kick
16. Crossfiyah Depths Of Truth
17. Meccano Twins Fracture
18. The Outside Agency No One But You
19. Mad Dog Last Motherfucker (Nekasrof Remix)
20. Wasted Mind & Lowroller Bastard
21. Hatebusters My Hell
22. Tommyknocker & Amnesys Disrespect
23. Meccano Twins Dissolution (The Melodyst Remix)
24. The Wishmaster Everybody Hardcore
25. Kasparov Infected By Madness
26. Crossfiyah Warriors
27. N-Vitral Sicko Cell
28. The Viper & Kasparov feat. Alee & Diesel Meltdown
29. The Outside Agency Hours & Dreams
30. DJ D Imagine (Endymion Remix)
31. JuanMa Musical Violence
32. D-Passion & Promo Back to Hell
33. DJ D feat. Endymion Mortal War (Destructive Tendencies Remix)
34. Angerfist Burn This MF Down
35. Neophyte & The Viper I am Phoenix
36. The Wishmaster Surrender
37. Hatebusters Eleven
38. Placid K G Member (Placid K 8pm remix)
39. Endymion ft. Eva Blom Save Me (Omi Remix)
40. Synapse Catastrophy