FearFM Hardcore Top 40 November 2012

TitleFearFM Hardcore Top 40 November 2012
StreamFear.FM - Hardest
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01. Hellsystem Blood (Tha Playah Remix)
02. Tha Playah The Impact
03. Anime Rock for Real
04. Hellsystem and Rayden Headshot
05. Ophidian and D-Passion Breathe
06. Tommyknocker Feat. the Wishmaster Supernatural
07. Masters Elite Tied by Sound
08. Hellsystem Dead Motherfucker
09. Ophidian and D-Passion The Line Against the Night
10. Tommyknocker T-2012
11. Neophyte and the Viper Never Worried
12. Meccano Twins WTFisthis
13. Anime A-Bomb
14. Tha Playah I Call Tha Shots (2012 Refix)
15. Negative A and Counterfeit Run
16. Endymion and Nosferatu Uphold the Future
17. Neophyte and the Viper Peace
18. Hellsystem Salvation
19. The Stunned Guys Dancefloor Dictator
20. D-Passion Good Memories
21. Kasparov Around The World
22. The Outside Agency and Ophidian The Shadows
23. Evil Activities and Panic feat. MC Alee Never Fall Asleep (Tha Playah Remix)
24. Mad Dog and MC Jeff Agony
25. Hellsystem Vs Angerfist How the World Has Ended
26. Nosferatu and Endymion Ft. Mc Ruffian The Message
27. Noize Suppressor and Tha Playah feat. MC Rage Victorious
28. Placid K Brush Em Off
29. Counterfeit Vision of Violence
30. Pandorum Ft. Ruffneck Bitcore
31. Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied Hardcore Italia
32. Komarovski Defined By Death
33. Nexes Wither Away
34. Promo Eradicate
35. Noize Suppressor and StereoType Kick It!
36. Nitrogenetics Pledge Of Resistance (Angerfist Remix)
37. Promo Feat. Tha Playah and Snowflake Open (Upside Down)
38. Ruffryder The Truth
39. D-Passion Dispel the Darkness
40. Angerfist Buckle Up and Kill